The themes for support to small holdings under the RDP 2014-2020 and their prioritization in short supply chains, as well as the benefits of having a Thematic subprogramme in the current programming period and its fate after 2020, were identified within the The NRN Support Unit (SU) has the following project activities:Workshop to gather ideas on the role of the NRN and the work of the SU;Workshop to upgrade the capacity of the Regional Coordinators of the SU of the NRN from the RC itself;Information seminar “Opportunities for support under sub-measure 6.3”, held with farmers from the Roma community of Rakovski municipality, and the topics, generated by the “Land Source of Income” Foundation.

In view of the interest shown by the NRN stakeholders in discussing the draft selection criteria for sub-measures 16.4 and 4.2.2 of the RDP 2014-2020, as well as the upcoming meeting of the RDP Monitoring Committee, and the identified need of the Managing Authority (MA) ) for an opinion on the proposed revised selection criteria, the SU of NRN  has received approval from the MA for the timely establishment of TWG 1 Small Farms and Short Supply Chains.


The PURPOSE of TWG 1 is to provide an opportunity for discussion, consultation and participation of interested partners in the process of forming decisions. The topic will continue to be relevant in the forthcoming programming process and preparation of the Strategic Plan 2021-2027 CAP and formed expert staff will be able to continue its work assisting MA with ideas and suggestions.


After MA RDP approved the formation of TWG 1 SU of NRN published a call for nomination of composition of TWG 1.
Stakeholders who expressed interest participated in the first TAG 1 meeting, during which the participants themselves selected the panel of experts and unanimously selected the  chairman of TWG1. You can see the composition of TRG 1 in the attachment.


As a result of expert discussion in the held meeting and the discussions among the participants were formulated proposals to MA of RDP 2014-2020 that SU of NRN provide prompt. You can see the proposals of TRG 1 in the attachment.


The topic of family farms, the topic of short supply chains, as well as the problems and prospects for the development of farms in vulnerable sectors, are a topic of discussion and analysis of the thematic working groups formed by the SU of the NRN acting in the RDP. 2007-2013. Thus, through the activity of TWG 1, this SU of NRN ensures continuity with the SUm of NRN  activities from the previous programming period of the RDP 2007-2013.

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