The theme of innovation RDP 2014-2020, was identified by Support Unit (SU) of NRN in the first project year in the implementation of various activities and events, within which were collected, summarized and communicated with MA proposals for thematic topics working groups (TWG) to NRN.

The analysis of the profile and interest of newcome members of the NRN during the first project year, made by the SU of the NRN on the basis of the collected and processed over 420 applications for membership of the NRN (the application form contains a questionnaire in which one of the questions is “Question 4 RDP Thematic Priority 2014-2020, to which are you interested? “) Shows the greatest interest in the topic of improving farm viability and competitiveness (75%), followed by the topic of stimulating knowledge transfer and innovation (70%) .

In view of the interest shown by the stakeholders of the NRN in the topic of innovation, the importance and timeliness of the topic, as well as the identified need of the MA for opinion on the proposed draft Guidelines for Sub-measure 16.1 of the RDP 2014-2020, published for re-public discussion, the SU of NRN has received approval from the MA for the timely formation of the TWG 2 “Innovation”.


The PURPOSE of TWG 2 is to provide an opportunity for discussion, consultation and participation of interested partners in the process of forming decisions. The topic will continue to be relevant in the forthcoming programming process and preparation of the Strategic Plan 2021-2027 CAP and formed expert staff will be able to continue its work assisting MA with ideas and suggestions.


After MA RDP approved the formation of TWG 2 SU of NRN published a call for nomination of composition of TWG 2.
Stakeholders who expressed interest participated in the first TAG 1 meeting, during which the participants themselves selected the panel of experts and unanimously selected the  chairman of TWG2. You can see the composition of TRG 1 in the


As a result of expert discussion in the held meeting and the discussions among the participants were formulated proposals to MA of RDP 2014-2020 that SU of NRN provide prompt. You can see the proposals of TRG 2 in the attachement.


The NSM PA provided wide stakeholder representation at the October 7, 2019 meeting to discuss the draft Guidelines for Sub-measure 16.1 of the RDP 2014-2020, which was published for re-public consultation. The discussion was attended by 34 participants representatives of: farmer organizations from different production areas; the research community; national agricultural advisory service; local action groups; advisory organizations in the field of European programs; environmental, environmental NGOs; Federation of Independent Trade Unions in Agriculture; Sofia Regional Information Center, Agency for Regional Economic Development – Stara Zagora; managing body of the RDP 2014-2020 and the SU of NRN.   

TWG 2 within the scope of the NRN helps to implement an integrated and cross-sectoral approach in the discussion and implementation of rural development policies in Bulgaria with regard to the topic of innovation and the EIP-AGRI.

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